Saturday, May 23, 2015

6 Things I Wish I Could Tell Every Expectant Mother About Breastfeeding

by Jennifer Hafele, Accredited La Leche League Leader

As an accredited La Leche League leader who has been trained to help women with all aspects of breastfeeding — in addition to being an experienced nursing mom myself — there are a few things I wish I could tell every expectant mother planning to breastfeed. Ideally, I [...]

A Gift of Love

by Erin Kaspar-Frett, CPM, LM, MSM
Benefits For Mom and Baby
Most won’t argue and it’s been proven through extensive research* that breastfeeding offers numerous advantages to infants, mothers, and families. In addition to the increased maternal/infant bonding, breastfed infants enjoy decreases in: diarrhea, respiratory infections, ear infections, bacteremia, bacterial meningitis, botulims, urinary tract infections, and necrotizing [...]

A Smart Start for Baby

September 19, 2010 by Editor  
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Start your baby’s academic career way before she packs her first backpack. A recent study from the University of Colorado linked breast-feeding to better HS grades. Looking at 126 siblings, some who were breast fed and other who were not, from 59 families, they found on average the breast fed groups’ grade points were higher [...]